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The Journey of Mr. Rajeev Jaiswal and Divine Teppich

In the heart of the vibrant city of Bhadohi, renowned as the "Carpet City," a remarkable story of resilience and triumph unfolds through the life and journey of Mr. Rajeev Jaiswal, the Owner and Managing Director of Divine Teppich. Born in the cultural tapestry of Kolkata, Rajeev's roots took a profound hold in Bhadohi, where he would later carve his legacy in the carpet industry.
Rajeev's journey took an unexpected turn while pursuing his undergraduate degree at Allahabad University. Destiny dealt him an unforeseen blow when news of his father's deteriorating health reached him, prompting an immediate return to Bhadohi. Unfortunately, he arrived just in time to witness his father's final moments. Left with the responsibility of supporting his grieving family, Rajeev faced the challenge head-on. Starting from scratch, he traded silk yarns to make ends meet. The earnings were modest, but Rajeev's determination knew no bounds. Saving diligently from his silk yarn trade, he decided to invest in machinery that made yarns. This strategic move not only increased his income but also paved the way for the opening of his first carpet store, initially known as Diamond Carpets.



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Rajeev's passion for sports, particularly cricket and squash, became a guiding force in his life. He had played at the district level during his university years, showcasing his dedication, discipline, and resilience on the playing fields. Despite the challenges that followed his father's demise, Rajeev found solace and inspiration in the lessons learned from sports. With the same fervor he displayed on the cricket and squash fields, Rajeev steered Divine Teppich toward excellence. His dedication to quality craftsmanship mirrored the precision and strategy he once applied to sports. Under his leadership, Divine Teppich seamlessly blended tradition with innovation, positioning the company as a beacon of artistry in the carpet industry.


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Rajeev's journey extends into the realms of family, mentorship, and philanthropy. He is not just a business owner; he is a pillar of strength for his family, a mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs, and a philanthropist dedicated to giving back to the community that shaped him.


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Embark on a journey with Mr. Rajeev Jaiswal and Divine Teppich. Explore the rich tapestry of craftsmanship, dedication, and resilience that defines the brand. Connect with them, and witness the artistry born from a profound commitment to excellence, shaped by the lessons learned on the playing fields. The story of Mr. Rajeev Jaiswal and Divine Teppich is a testament to the power of resilience, passion, and the unwavering pursuit of excellence.