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Flat Weave

Woven on a loom without a pile, flatweave rugs are lightweight, reversible, and ideal for high-traffic areas, providing both versatility and easy maintenance.

Hand Knotted

Meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, hand-knotted rugs showcase intricate patterns and durability, making each piece a timeless work of art.

Hand Tufted

Featuring a quicker production process, hand-tufted rugs offer affordability without compromising on style, with a plush and comfortable feel underfoot.



We Make Carpets with Creativity & Soul.

To make sure your carpet is absolutely right for your space, the size, color, and design need to be chosen carefully. It’s a personal choice that requires expertise and guidance.


Created using a traditional hand loom, these rugs boast a unique texture and quality, showcasing the artisan's expertise in weaving and attention to detail.

Indo Nepali

Blending Indian and Nepali craftsmanship, Indo Nepali rugs showcase intricate designs and superior quality, often incorporating both traditional and contemporary elements.

Unshaped Rugs

Breaking away from conventional shapes, unshaped rugs embrace irregular forms, adding a modern and artistic touch to any space while challenging traditional design norms.



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